Research material – Felted balls

I went to Hobby Craft located in Kingsway to research and get material for jewellery. I stumble on felted balls. When I looked at that ball at first time, I thought that using the felted balls could be a good way to make stoma jewellery. Felted balls are very light, soft and colourful. But I know that felted balls are already using in various kinds of jewellery. In my case, that is not for just using different new material to jewellery but aim at helpful material to make stoma jewellery I thought. I want to combine with new material rather than only using silver. And I also wanted to try various attempts in design. Most of females who have a stoma are in her 50s. Given the preference for 50s, I think colourful jewellery is better than just modern style. It is soft, so it can absorb the shock and it is cheap and easy so that people can make and change design whenever if they want.

It is easy to make felted ball.

You need to prepare small wad of wool, hot water, and keep and then gently roll it from hand to hand without squeezing. Keep doing this for about ten minutes, dipping it in the hot water as it cools.



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