How to design?

People who have stoma need medical device to protect the stoma. When they go out wearing that device, all eyes might turn on their neck. So I’m planning to make jewellery that has a function of protecting stoma but looks like beautiful normal jewellery.

After research about laryngeal cancer and problems of having stoma on neck, I realized that material could be important element for those people. Existing current stoma jewellery aimed at just hiding the stoma is made by hard material. It is likely to scar the skin around the stoma.

I considered material that could be safe, soft, and convenient for stoma jewellery. People who have stoma normally use scarfs, stickers and bibs. Those are all soft and light materials. I needed to think of soft and light material. Thread has lots of advantages for stoma jewellery. As I mentioned above, that is soft and very safe material. Thread can absorb mucus. Sometimes, after surgery, mucus comes from the stoma. Because they do not use nose anymore. So I decided to use thread to design the stoma jewellery combined with H.M.E.

When people only wear H.M.E on the middle of their neck, it looks weird. H.M.E is round shape. I tried to design necklace using round shape of pattern. Pattern can be very powerful method for jewellery design. There are several benefits of using round patterns especially for stoma jewellery. If I use round shape, it can split people’s attention because H.M.E’s round can be just one round shape among many other round shapes.

According to my research, after laryngeal cancer surgery patients have to breathe with their stoma not with their nose anymore. If something covers the stoma, it should be something that is easy to carry the air through. So I thought using wire would be better than solid silver. I decided I would design jewellery with round pattern using thread and silver wire for one of my stoma jewellery.


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