Preparation for our presentation.

My task is to introduce our presentation. practice and practice.


Hello everyone. As you can see the logo, our team is group smile. We are from different backgrounds, but have the same focus: to make sense of how people share their feelings


Steph – On-line and off-line researcher and desk researcher.

Sara – an observation, communication and tea drinker.

Lesley –  researched cultural difference between the west and east.

Borris – also researcher, editer and resident pup expert.

I’m Jun –  also researched cultural difference.


Today we are going to present our presentation as a story. There are three chapters. The first one is our journey. Second is refined research. Last one is next move. I’ll pass it on to Lesley.


Individual Research Day – About communal space & productivity

Water cooler socializing recognizes needs of employees

 Socializing around the water cooler or over a cup of coffee in the break room when it’s not “break time” has always been one of those things that many companies have had a low tolerance for. However, new research is showing that employees who socialize together are often much more productive than those who don’t. Individuals in a team of employees that socialize with each other will often recognize the needs of their fellow employees; both personally and in the working environment. This further leads to recognition of team member strengths and weaknesses. If these individuals work together with that knowledge, tasks can be assigned more effectively according to the strengths of each team member.

More breaks creates productivity

 Research done at MIT shows that nearly half of the productivity generated by a project team is directly related to social interaction and communication. A factor that is easy to overlook in its simplicity is that employees who spend company time socializing are happier. Happier employees tend to be more productive. Obviously, if John is spending an inordinate amount of time standing in Sue’s office doorway chatting it up about fashion trends, it may be something to take a closer look at.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, providing employees with adequate breaks is essential for improving overall productivity. Break time not only gives employees something to look forward to, but also gives them a chance to recharge their batteries before diving back into work. More often than not, they’ll come back refreshed and ready to focus for another couple of hours until the next break.

Drinking-places as a form of productive collaboration

Socializing also invites collaboration. Some of the conversations around the drinking places are often not work related, however, many times subjects dealing with certain issues that are happening related to a particular project will come up and the impromptu meeting will allow for a collective look at how to solve it. New ideas and solutions for problems will be created as well. Another positive aspect of socializing at work is when employees from different project teams interact. The same principals of knowledge transfer and collaboration apply to this type of social mingling as well. Employees will spend time talking about their kids, but ultimately they want whatever project they’re working on to succeed and conversations will always tend to head in those directions.

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Individual Research Day – My Plan and Observation


To meet friends, To spend time with family

To spend time eating and drinking with family.

Old person who was alone enjoyed themselves drinking coffee.


Someone used a laptop having a breakfast in the morning.

Relax and talking place.

 How long?

Old people didn’t spend lots of time (20~30min)


Most of people together, chatting each other.

There were just some people thanking, reading a book.


Among 14 people, male were just 4

Most of all were female.

Half of them were old people.


There were many family with baby.


Laugh and smile

Some talked seriously

Kids were exciting with family

 What they do

Just eating together

Some children draw something on paper.

Alone people seemed to think about something.

They were just drinking and eating some food looking around something.

 How to share

Talking, eating together.

Individual Research Day – Traditional Tea in Korea


When I went to Korean traditional cafe, i felt comfortable feeling. Maybe the place is familiar with me, but there were soft music and flower smell. As you can see some contrast things, many Korean drink hot tea sitting on the floor even in summer season. I think Korean though that keeping worm their body with drinking is good for their health. Because it can help people relax body and spirit reducing the stress. So Korean have a sit on floor heating system. There was not much talk and just take a break when they drink traditional tea.

First Steps

Today. I relized that i had to use this blog.

First week was the hard time and now i’m also suffering from understandin task. but today in morning class, i learnt how to overcome problems as a oversea student. i won’t be afraid even though i make mistake in english.

Because our team is group smile.