How to attract parents and children to library?

How to encourage parents and children get involved into library service?

To make parents and children take part in library service

  1. Target Parents

Emphasize the importance of reading books in childhood.

Reading Books in Childhood is really important. It could affect children during the whole life. When they read a book, they imagine it and they feel like they are in a part of the book. It develops children’s imaginational ability and they can learn many things like vocabulary, logic, science. And some books can help them socialize.

I could find many articles that shows the connection between children and books.

Books in home is as important as parents in determining educational level

Why reading is important?

The importance or reading skill

But I can’t put articles in poster or pocket booklet. I think using diagram that shows the importance of book reading for children might be an effective way.

So, I will research some diagrams to put in the poster.

The point is reminding parents that reading books is very important to their children, so they can take their children to library.

“Research findings in applied linguistics and reading research consistently show a strong correlation between reading proficiency and academic success at all ages, from the primary school right through to university level: students who read a lot and who understand what they read usually attain good grades.” Pretorius, E. [ Source ]

Source from

2. Target children

If we can make children want to go to the library, it would be more effective.

So, making a poster and booklet map more colorful, cute, and splendidly so that it can arose children’s curiosity is important. If they are interested in library, they may pester their mom to take them to the library. And once they feel that ‘it’s funny place’, it also could help them enjoy the class.

Therefore, I would like to make the poster using primary colors, use pink and sky-blue cover for girls and boys, and add many enjoyable practical pictures of library service. These pictures may help attract them and help them understand about the service at the same time.


Storytellig about my project.

There are many good services in Lochee Ward, but it is really hard to be informed about these services. Even though people want to go out to get services, there are a few sign posts and they do not have enough information. So children and family are not easy to find services such as parenting, play group, children health services.

My aim is to encourage family and children to get involved in these kinds of services especially for library in Lochee Ward.

My story is below…

Subin(3years old girl) and mom walking around the park found a poster about parents and children service.

The target of this service is not someone who is eager to go to library and look for information about library but someone who has no idea where the libraries are and what services the libraries have. So parents and children can just walk around the town, park and find information about library by chance.

Mom tears one booklet off from the poster.

This service map is composed with big poster upside and small booklets downside.

Big poster includes colourful picture to catch parents’ and kid’s attention, and also includes a graph to explain to parents how much reading books in childhood with parents affects children in cognitive and emotional development.

Pocket booklets are small and fancy so that children want to take one. And they are easy to tear off. When parents or kids open the booklet, they will see that library near their house has many interesting activity services. It also has information about the location of library, service hour, how to get there etc.

They can get variety of information through the booklet, for example when and where the service open and what service they can get and so on.

And there are photos to attract them. (Kids and teacher are laughing and playing some game with book, card, ball…some activity pics that were taken during the library class.)

Subin wants to play so she nags mom or mom thought that book reading activity is good fo Subin, so she takes Subin to library to take part in the service. There are map and transportation information. So they can drive or take a bus. They might have called the library to book or get more information. The booklet helps them understand the service.

Subin or mom and Subin together take part in the class. They enjoy the class.

Mom hand the booklet to Lewis’ mom (neighbor 4 year-old boy) to introduce and recommend the class.

When I had interview with moms in Dundee, they mostly said when they want to find children service, they ask to other mom near them. They tend to dependent upon their mom friends’ recommendation if the friends have experience in the service. So this booklets might be a good tool of sharing information each other and explaining the service while they recommend the service. (of course, if they feel the service is good.^^) Because it includes all detailed information and is very small size to take, deliver and show others.

Make a map by ourselves

We went to Lochee Ward to take a photo because we needed to make a correct map. When I got there I thought that coming here was better than just checking online, because I could see how to go to the service with my own eyes. After that time, we made a map again for children to understand more easily not from Google.

We added some cute images of buildings for children. And we mapped not the whole Lochee Ward but small area near library. Also we put some stores in the map so that they can find the way easily.

Presentation Feedback

.We made a video including whole story. But after doing presentation, we got a feedback

1) Our presentation was too long by including unnecessary detail information.

2) Do not need all services and map from Google.

3) Not correct photo of service centre.

4) Just make a simple map for children

5) Check a green map in New York

6) Do not need to explain other all service.

For feedback 1, 2, 6 – We have to narrow the area of service. Of course we decided to make a map of library, but we put all the services in the map because we thought that might be helpful. But putting all information for all service is not easy, and even not effective way to encourage family to take part in the service. Because there are too many services and if we put all service centers into the map, it will make our map confusing. And the aim of our project is to make a map that attracts family into the service. Therefore just putting all information is not a good way to attract them. So we decided to focus on Only Library service.

For feedback 3, we need to go to Lochee Ward to check the location of service centers and take a photo of them.

For feedback 4, we forgot that the target of this service is parents and children aged 0-5 years old. Google map is extremely inappropriate for these children. So what if we use some familiar places for children like toy store, children clothes shop, or supermarket near the library? And we need to put some cute graphic images for parents and children. These images may interest them.

For feedback 5, we need to research some more good examples of effective map on internet.

Pyramid diagram

They are all diet pyramid diagram. They all tried to explain an appropriate diet food for healthy body except one. ( One diagram expresses Asian diet pyramid.)

I think comparing different diagrams that express same subject might be a good way to learn and think about effective diagram. I tried to find out pros and cons from these diagram. (Of course, the pros and cons are not truth. They are just my opinion and it can be wrong. – I wonder if the copywrite holder have a look at my blog and get angry at my cons comment. I hope it doesn’t happen.)

The bottom ingredient is something that can be eaten sufficiently. And goes up to the top, there are ingredients that can be eaten more rarely. The pyramid shape expresses this point at a glance. Using real photos of ingredient, it tried to expresses the items without need of reading text. But the upper the item goes, the smaller the extent gets. So the photo gets difficult to distinguish. And Bread, Vegetable, fruit, Beans are all written daily, but the extents are all different. There must be difference in amount. And the boundary is not clear. Is cheese daily? Are sweets monthly? And the photos are faded upside, (I think it’s for making texts clear.) but that makes those images unclear.

Frequency of serving is all written under item’s name. But the photos are not clear. And it has vertical boundary, but I can’t distinguish the rule. (Sweets and Eggs are Weekly Servings. And they are divided widthwise. But fish and dairy are same as optional daily servings, but they are divided vertically.) Maybe there is certain rule and I don’t understand, but anyway for me, it was hard to find unity in method.

The images of items are very simple but clear. Each block has link to Recommended Daily Allowance, so to check serving frequency, we have to click each block. This makes this diagram simple and clear but to get detail information, we have to click the link and wait. This means we can’t get the detail data at a glance. The item images are very cute. So I guess children might like this.

According to the concept of this pyramid diagram is expressing the amount of daily allowance by area, vegetable and fruit feel like having different serving amount. But clicking and checking, I realized that they have same recommended daily allowance. Then why are they divided in 2 spaces that have different extents?

And if want to compare the amount of serving in each items, we have to click the block and memorize or write the data down. Because it shows only one items detail data.

So… the images are simple and clear, but it was hard to get to know all information this diagram is trying to explain.

For me, this diagram was the best to understand. It includes all data in itself, they are easy to understand at a glance, the photos and images are real but simple and clear. The texts are little bit small but they are clear so I could easily read them.

Designing a good diagram is all combination of data, text, graphic, and method.

When I do research, I always get much information. (For example, when I gathered sleeping data, there were much information like sleeping time, time to go to bed, time to wake up, foods that makes a good sleep, impact that weather effects in sleep, my position on bed while I am sleeping etc.) But putting too many information details in one diagram is not a good way. It will make the diagram confusing. Diagram has to be simple so that everyone can understand in a short time. So choosing primary data is important. And then we have to find the right shape of diagram. It depends on the number of data, the target of the diagram, and also the contents of data. Using appropriate image, color, size, and text in appropriate position is also important.

Pocket Booklet with Poster

Our project’s aim is to make a visual to help children and family find a service more easily. We suggested if there is a poster of children service on the wall, people can look at the poster while they are walking on the load. And then, they would check some service what they want. The poster includes the detail pocket booklet of each service which can be picked from a poster. For example people want to get information of library, they can pick pocket booklet of library service from the poster. This is very small so they can keep the pocket booklet everyday whenever they want to look at. There is all information like how to go to library, opening hour, service and so on. So the pocket booklet can encourage and help family and children to get a children service.

Then where should this poster be put?

Parents don’t know where to get the information of service if they don’t know there is certain service. If they don’t know the existence of service, how could they get information?

So this poster has to be put up somewhere parents and kids can approach easily.

Like near the park, toy store, school or nursery, hospital… Parents and children just walk around of go shopping and they find this poster by chance and they can get information.

Parents share information of children education, care etc. each other.

And this booklet could be a good tool of explaining and recommending information to other parents.

If we put this poster and booklet in library so that everyone can take the pocket booklet, parents who are taking the library service already can hand this booklet in to other parents to explain and recommend this service.

Example of diagram

European Economic Weather Map

it’s a nice way to present mostly qualitative information for a large number of countries – and people understand it intuitively.

This diagram shows European economic weather map. I think it is good way to replace another like using easier image if people are hard to understand about economy. For example If they just explain docuent and terminology, understanding economy might be more difficult to me so I would need more specific information and knowledge about economy. But when I looked at this diagram I could understand European economy at a glance even thought I did not have any information about them.

So i would like to say using metapho of anothor object  is good way to explain other ideas.