Laryngectomy Surgery Patient Interview Pt 2 – 1 Yr. After

Mike Pelletier, a throat cancer patient, speaks candidly about his struggles over the past year after having a full laryngectomy.


Mindful design practice – Visualise 50 ideas


Visualise 50 ideas

This challenge is to draw 50 ideas whether it is good or not. This work was hard than i thought. Even worse ideas, thinking 50 ideas was really difficult. So I had a lot of times to discuss with my friends.  We did not have the rejection of bad ideas, but rather seemed to feel freer. I realized that if I exclude bad ideas I can not think big thought. It was hard work, but expressing my thought on my hands is happy. Rough idea is as follows.

Door to door service for patients, Dancing club for patients, Grandchildren make the jewellery, Bibs for stoma patients, Megaphone, Automatic reader, Sponge jewellery to protect airway from dry, Stoma jewellery, Smile service, bow tie jewellery, body painting service, bluetooth jewellery, bluetooth servox, social group on the internet, marathon, give a confidence, stoma packaging, community for patients, exercise community, smoking ban, digital electronic display, whistle for stoma patients, big band aid, bracelet, plants jewellery on sponge cover, hose for stoma to have a shower, sticker jewellery, tatto around stoma, yoga club, message tree for hope, beard to hide the stoma, piercing, fixed board for smoking, scarfs, animals for patients, snorkel for stoma patients, singing community, stoma beauty shop, sign language, recording voice jewellery, dust or smoke alarm, hard cover to do exercise, meditation, small pocket book, speech contest, knitting jewellery, drinking, stoma cloth – graphic image to go with the hole.





Mindful design practice – Improving PPT


We gave feedback to each other instead of presentation. and i developed the ppt.


Stoma Jewellery ,Laryngectomy, Laryngectomee, Stoma button, Laryngeal cancer, Stom covers

What is the problem?

Actually, laryngeal cancer is small percentage of all cancer. This cancer is just 1% among all cancer.

So there are few markets for these patients. But this is the problem. Even though patients need some medicine equipment or something that is essential, they have limited or no choice. Emotionally, patients might lose confidence because of their appearance with big hole on the neck. And there are many limitations in their life. Physically, they still have problems after surgery because of stoma on their neck. They always have to be careful from everything in life. (For example, water, food, dust, germ etc.) They can’t smell and they can’t use their voice box to talk. (They have to be trained to speak using another organ.)

 Key stakeholders : Patients who have a stoma, doctor, jewellery designer, experts of laryngeal cancer, families of the patients

 What methods

Interview (expert, patients) : by doing interview with experts and patients I might have lots of information of laryngeal cancer. And I will see what their problems are.

Observation (patients behaviour) : I might see what patients’ biggest problem is at a glance.

Desk research : online, library, article, news, a medical journal.

Questionnaire: It would be good way to get information from patients. Because, sometimes asking question to patients is so difficult and sensitive. And I can get much alive information from many patients in a shorter time than interviewing one by one.


Socially, Laryngectomees are a neglected class of people. They are suffering after the surgery but there are a few markets for them. Jewellery for their neck is worth more than just decorating.

They have right to choose jewellery that is safe, useful, wearable and beautiful.

 What is the project’s aim?

After laryngectomy (surgery of removal larynx), patients have a hole on their neck. It is very difficult to live with a hole. They always watch out the hole and have to be careful.

So they need a cover to protect the hole from dust, and water even infection.

My project aim is to make safe, convenient and beautiful jewelry for those patients.

Potential outcomes

When patients wear cloth they might prefer to put on cloth which can hide hole on their neck. Sometimes, they lose their confidence because of the stoma. If I make jewelry for these patients, they can have confidence and it also saves a patient trouble to cover and protect the stoma.


I changed contents to harvard style. And put the cover image of references.

Mindful design practice – Research



The American Cancer Society estimates that, in 2003, about 9,500 people in the United States will be found to have laryngeal cancer. Laryngeal cancer occurs 4.4 times more frequently in men than in women, although, like lung cancer, it is becoming increasingly common in women. Tobacco smoking is by far the greatest risk factor for laryngeal cancer. Others include alcohol abuse, radiation exposure, asbestos exposure, and genetic factors……………


Laryngeal cancer among women has increased lately.

Mindful design practice – personas and scenarios

I did role play with Dan and Steph about my project. I explained my project to them and then we choose stakeholder to do role play. I suggested 3 stakeholders like patients with stoma, doctor, and patient’s spouse for my project of stoma jewellery. We suggested all kinds of issues as a role player. And we put all idea on paper like what is it’s values to them? What do they do differently? And then I choose one idea for product/service. In my case for stoma jewellery, I suggested an idea that if there is blue tooth stoma jewellery with voice recording function for patients, it will be really useful when they have emergency situation. For example, if some tiny things go into their stoma, they might be in trouble. They are also hard to speak, so the blue tooth jewellery can help them instantly to connect with doctor and their husband and wife. Sometime patients can use voice recording when they want to speak a simple phrase.

I think I had good time with Dan and Steph. We share our idea and explain our opinion. It was really helpful to me, today.