Pyramid diagram

They are all diet pyramid diagram. They all tried to explain an appropriate diet food for healthy body except one. ( One diagram expresses Asian diet pyramid.)

I think comparing different diagrams that express same subject might be a good way to learn and think about effective diagram. I tried to find out pros and cons from these diagram. (Of course, the pros and cons are not truth. They are just my opinion and it can be wrong. – I wonder if the copywrite holder have a look at my blog and get angry at my cons comment. I hope it doesn’t happen.)

The bottom ingredient is something that can be eaten sufficiently. And goes up to the top, there are ingredients that can be eaten more rarely. The pyramid shape expresses this point at a glance. Using real photos of ingredient, it tried to expresses the items without need of reading text. But the upper the item goes, the smaller the extent gets. So the photo gets difficult to distinguish. And Bread, Vegetable, fruit, Beans are all written daily, but the extents are all different. There must be difference in amount. And the boundary is not clear. Is cheese daily? Are sweets monthly? And the photos are faded upside, (I think it’s for making texts clear.) but that makes those images unclear.

Frequency of serving is all written under item’s name. But the photos are not clear. And it has vertical boundary, but I can’t distinguish the rule. (Sweets and Eggs are Weekly Servings. And they are divided widthwise. But fish and dairy are same as optional daily servings, but they are divided vertically.) Maybe there is certain rule and I don’t understand, but anyway for me, it was hard to find unity in method.

The images of items are very simple but clear. Each block has link to Recommended Daily Allowance, so to check serving frequency, we have to click each block. This makes this diagram simple and clear but to get detail information, we have to click the link and wait. This means we can’t get the detail data at a glance. The item images are very cute. So I guess children might like this.

According to the concept of this pyramid diagram is expressing the amount of daily allowance by area, vegetable and fruit feel like having different serving amount. But clicking and checking, I realized that they have same recommended daily allowance. Then why are they divided in 2 spaces that have different extents?

And if want to compare the amount of serving in each items, we have to click the block and memorize or write the data down. Because it shows only one items detail data.

So… the images are simple and clear, but it was hard to get to know all information this diagram is trying to explain.

For me, this diagram was the best to understand. It includes all data in itself, they are easy to understand at a glance, the photos and images are real but simple and clear. The texts are little bit small but they are clear so I could easily read them.

Designing a good diagram is all combination of data, text, graphic, and method.

When I do research, I always get much information. (For example, when I gathered sleeping data, there were much information like sleeping time, time to go to bed, time to wake up, foods that makes a good sleep, impact that weather effects in sleep, my position on bed while I am sleeping etc.) But putting too many information details in one diagram is not a good way. It will make the diagram confusing. Diagram has to be simple so that everyone can understand in a short time. So choosing primary data is important. And then we have to find the right shape of diagram. It depends on the number of data, the target of the diagram, and also the contents of data. Using appropriate image, color, size, and text in appropriate position is also important.


Example of diagram

European Economic Weather Map

it’s a nice way to present mostly qualitative information for a large number of countries – and people understand it intuitively.

This diagram shows European economic weather map. I think it is good way to replace another like using easier image if people are hard to understand about economy. For example If they just explain docuent and terminology, understanding economy might be more difficult to me so I would need more specific information and knowledge about economy. But when I looked at this diagram I could understand European economy at a glance even thought I did not have any information about them.

So i would like to say using metapho of anothor object  is good way to explain other ideas.

example of diagram

This can be an example of good diagram. Using picture and position, this diagram makes it easy to understand the cycle of moon shapes and phases ( which was hard for me to understand lol). If they tried to explain about it not using this diagram but using text, it must be taking more than 2000 words and furthermore, it must be hard to understand.( I guess)

Example of diagram

This diagram is using the dynamic sign with arrow and sometimes the number and text help to explain. It shows the human journey from global DNA data which spread out from east Africa in 2000,000 ago to all of the world. And They aggregate tons of infographics from other sites, including National Geographic and The Economist.

But when I looked at this diagram first time, I didn’t understand what they are taking about honestly. There was just a little explain on the corner. And I also didn’t understand why they use the different colour to show different continent. The colour didn’t have any meaning, just used to divide continent. If the using different colours has a meaning connected with yeas, it would be better than just dividing it I thought.

Example of diagram-

Using different colour is good way to show data at a glance. This diagram explains WHAT: An enormously broad visual data set specific to the United States, the maps available from The Measure of America provide an intriguing look at multiple health, education, and income indexes and indicators, from % low birth weight infants to poverty rates.      WHO: The Measure of America maps are part of the American Human Development Project out of the Social Science Research Council, an independent non-profit. Funding for this project is through the Council as well as several private foundations that contribute to humanitarian causes.

example of diagram-New Visual Studio 2010 Stadium Diagram for ALM Features

This diagram use the three dimensions visual.

We see three dimensional images in everyday’s life. When people could not draw three-dimentions long times ago, they used to use perspective in the plane. What is the reason? As you can see classical painting, if there is no perspective people have a confusion to understand picture. In other words, the reason expressing three dimensional images is to raise people with reality to understand it more easily. If you use three dimensional images to diagram, it would be effective way to deliver it for people.

This diagram just saw the new stadium diagram for the ALM features (Visual Studio “Team System”) in Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010.,date,2010-01-20.aspx


This diagram is really easy to understand about kinds of coffee and we can see that what they want to say at a glance even though I do not know much about coffee.

This diagram used real cup image to show people understand easily how to make coffee. As you can see the diagram, all of coffee is based on espresso and the types of coffee can be different according to what you put it on the espresso. In my opinion, when I looked at this diagram, I thought that one of aim to diagram is to help people get information more easily at a glance like this.

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