Stoma jewellery using crochet silver wire

Why jewellery should be comfortable?

I made this necklace using crochet skill. This method of making jewellery can meet stoma jewellery’s several needs. The first aim is to hide the stoma. When people go out, a jewellery should protect the stoma and it also should be beautiful. Even though this jewellery is very convenience and beautiful, If it is uncomfortable, then people can’t wear the jewellery even for an hour. In the case of stoma jewellery that has special purpose, I thought the comfort is also very important. A jewellery is an option to decorate body. So if people feel uncomfortable so they are burdened from jewellery, they can find some alternatives that they would feel beautiful one even comfortable. However people who has stoma has narrow choice because of small markets of stoma jewellery. So stoma jewellery should make people feel free to wear it in routine.


I tried to think the advantages of crochet jewellery in weight. The stoma jewellery tends to be big in size because it needs to cover the stome. So they are easy to become heavy. Also, it is inclinable to be heavy in weight because it needs to be sturdy to protect the stoma.

However crochet necklace can solve the weight’s problem and it enables stoma jewellery to be light in any size.

Ventilation and absorption

The people who have laryngeal stoma breathe through the stoma. I will make necklace using silver wire crochet but I will also use thread that can be a part of covering stoma. Silver wire and thread both have advantage to be ventilated well. There would not be any problem to breathe through them. The thread can also absorb mucus that is from stoma and it can be changed whenever people want.


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