Modeling H.M.E

Actually I decided to make stoma jewellery combined with H.M.E (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) that can help people protect the stoma from dust, heat, water, and infections. So I needed to research more about H.M.E to have information like size, material, and accurate function. I tried to buy a H.M.E on internet. But it was really expensive to buy just one piece of product. It costs from 600 pounds to 700 pounds. Because most H.M.Es include a valve which is a device that helps patients generate voice. So I’m hesitating to get it.

Fortunately, I could get pictures and information about H.M.E on the internet. There were various kinds of H.M.E and I could also get to know the size, and more information that was important for patients. Most inner diameter of H.M.E is 15mm and outer diameter is 22mm. and I tried to make H.M.E modeling using paper based on real size.

Making real size H.M.E’s was important for me to design stoma jewellery. And I could guess some good material that can be connected with H.M.E.


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