Materials for stoma jewellery

I decided to make jewellery that is safe, convenient, and useful for people who have stoma. So material would be important for those people. When I researched about them, the stoma doesn’t have any function of keeping moisture like our nose. So they wear H.M.E(heat and moisture exchanger), scarf, sticker and so on.

Cotton and thread are soft and light. They can keep moisture and heat. And they can absorb liquid. Sometimes, mucus comes from their stoma. So, these materials can also absorb. They are easy to clean, too.

Thin silver or gold wire is also light and soft. Current metal jewellery for laryngectomees looks like hard and heavy, so they can scar the skin around the stoma. But this wire is soft. This is safe and it’s easy to make any shape using hand or hooked needle.

Silver has another function. If there was poison, the silver changes its color from white to black like this. Silver also has anti-bacteria function.


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