Prototyping workshop – Feedbacks

I decided to make functional and beautiful jewellery.

First of all, I wanted to know what function patients need, and what kind of features people think are important for their jewellery.

I was supposed to do prototyping with laryngectomees but this is really sensitive subject, and I wanted to be careful. So instead I had a workshop with someone who has laryngectomee around them.

I made initial 3d products and prepared some papers that include photos and explanations about my jewellery idea. Each paper had a big space that they could write down their opinions and feeling in. I explained them about each idea with information paper, and they asked me any question.

They tried and tested my work and gave me opinions and feedback. And kindly, one of them crossed out more than half the words in my paper and corrected my English mistake.

About message idea, their feedback was like this

–  This can be useful and looks pretty.

– But the position of stoma is the middle of neck, so if a big, hard metal square comes into the middle of neck, it would be uncomfortable.

–  This is for covering the stoma, so it has to be fixed in the position of stoma. But if it is attached on neck, then rolling the message would be difficult. Or if it is not attached tight, the stoma can be shown.

– It can make scar when patients nod. Etc.

About whistle idea, their feedback was like this

– This is good idea because if there is whistle in the necklace, they will have it everywhere for emergency situations.

– They can also use this at home to call their kids for meal time etc.

– But it’s hard to be smaller because it has to cover the stoma to be blown.-it has to be bigger than stoma.

About Stoma Cover idea, their feedback was like this

–  This would be pretty.

– H.M.E. is very useful and common equipment. So if there is jewellery that matches H.M.E, it must be great.

– But there are many types of H.M.E. and is it possible to make jewellery that can be combined with all types of H.M.E?

My participants encouraged me that these are all good ideas, and also pointed out many problems that I hadn’t thought of so far. I really appreciate them.

They gave the highest score to the H.M.E. cover idea, and this is a graph that is from their answers to my questionnaire.

Before my workshop, I thought they might have counted on function the most. But after getting their opinions and feedback, I was surprised.

 They all said that the function is important. – But they consider highly how they look with this jewellery.

I mostly focused on function and wearing sensation because I placed emphasis on the fact that they are patients, and I think I forgot that the most basic and important function of jewellery is “beauty”.


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