Research about HME

Research about HME

HME (heat moisture exchange) is very important for laryngectomees. This HME includes filter that can capture the worm, moisture air upon exhalation.  While I was doing research about patients who had laryngeal surgery, I realized this function is very useful. There is mucus which keeps the air moist and clean from cold air and dust in people’s noses. And it protects people’s lungs. However, patients who had laryngeal surgery don’t use their nose and they breathe through their stoma. However the stoma doesn’t have heat and moisture controlling and cleaning function.

In addition to HME filters reduce the inhalation of bacteria, viruses and dust. The patients who had laryngeal surgery have stoma so everything can be dangerous for them even bacteria as well. They have to keep the stoma clean every day. In the case of going out, putting HME on the neck would be good way to protect them.

In my point of view as a design student, if I wear this cover, it would not be good looking, and I would not want to show others wearing it. When I search some experiences and examples of wearing HME, I read some stories. They felt more comfortable because HME keeps their airway from drying and freezing. But they have to become accustomed to the eyes fixed on their neck. But this cover is very useful for patient who had laryngeal surgery.

So I would like to redesign the shape of HME cover to be better looking like jewellery. It can help laryngctomees to wear it outside.

This is a link about HME research

This is a link of patient’s story that has a stoma.


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