Prototyping – Setting a concept

Before meeting my advisor, I couldn’t decide the main concept of my project because I have several good ideas and I didn’t want to give up any of them.

First one was to design a service for patients. The patients really need information how to talk, how to use lots of medical instruments and drugs, how to play, how to swim, even how to take a shower of bath, and about many things. Because they breathe and talk in totally different way and it’s very difficult and dangerous.

Second one was to make some jewellery with some functions. In emergency situation, in their normal life, they need some equipment to keep them safe or convenient. But bringing them all the time is not easy. So if they use the accessary for something they need, I thought it would be great.
For example, when they use speech valve to talk, they have to keep their hand on the neck to push the button when they talk. And they release their hand when they breathe. But if it’s really cold day, and having hand outside all through the day must be painful. So using Bluetooth, they wear a Bluetooth ring which is connected to the valve on their finger, and if they push a button on the ring, then the button is closed so they can talk, and they took off their finger from the button, then the valve is open so they can breathe. I wasn’t sure if I can make it or not, so I needed more research.

Third one was to make jewellery focused on DESIGN.
This is also the motive of this project. The expert told me that some patients really want and need beautiful accessories for hiding or decorating their stoma but it is very difficult to find it and they have limited choice. If I make a meaningful and beautiful accessory, it can boost their confidence. And I am quite confident of this area. Because I have designed and made accessories for more than 10 years and this was my major.


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