Prototyping – Day4 (Play in design and Workshop)

This morning, I attended a class held by Nicholas with undergraduate student. The lesson was very pleasant and surprise for me. By listening to the presention of Nicholas, I realized that he helped me open my eyes to look something in different way to get information.

Nicholas firstly explained us about ‘PLAYING IN DESIGN’. And he showed us some videos of his work that were really interesting. Then he asked us to draw the face of the person who was sitting my left side in 30 seconds. 30 seconds was not enough for drawing especially person who’s sitting next to me and looking whether my drawing is ok or bad. I was nervous if my drawing of his face is terrible and if he got upset. What was worse, Nicholas told us that we were going to draw it again with our wrist and even elbow. When I drew using my hand, I couldn’t finish my drawing. I focused on ‘good drawing’ and I spent too much time thinking how to draw. But when I tried it again with my wrist and elbow, I didn’t pay attention to Nice Drawing, Because I knew I wasn’t able to draw something good with my elbow or wrist. So, all my concern was finishing my drawing in 30 seconds. And I finished it. ( It was terrible but anyway looked like a face.) And the lesson that I learned from this activity was GOOD DRAWING is not always important. Expressing anyhow what I want to say is more important.

The following task was group work which was to make a den. We watched undergraduate students expressing their idea. Students were able to use all things in the studio like chairs and desk and even boxes were provided. I could see all students enjoyed the team work on a limited scale. There were not many materials. They were using almost everything even I had thought impossible to use to make a den. The most important thing I understand through today’s lecture was that how much I could do efficient work with a limited amount of time or materials for prototyping.


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