Prototyping – day 2

Today I learnt 8 principles of prototype from Fraser.

1.Know your audience and intent.

Understanding my audience is important because if my audience is designer like me, quick-and-dirty powerpoint is good enough as they can understand it more easily. But if my audience is my boss or customer, I need a polished visual and something more. So knowing the audience is very important before start prototyping.

2.prototype the rest

Don’t need to make a plan 100% for prototype. There are two reason, first one is if I make prototyping quickly, I would get a feedback more quickly and much. Second prototyping is a great tool for working through a design

3.set expectation

Before starting prototype, if I give expectation to audience, I can guide their attention and focus. It means my audience can imagine the prototype and then they can focus on it more easily.

4.You can sketch

Everyone can draw anything with simple shape. You don’t need to draw something perfectly.

5.It’s a prototype- not the Mona Lisa

Prototypes are inherently incomplete. So simple and rough sketchy prototype is better for getting feedback. It means if prototype is perfect, it does not need any feedback.

6.If you can’t make it, fake it.

Fraser explained about this. If we make app service, we don’t know how to make it. But we can make the each page of app service, it is enough for people to understand.

7.Prototype only what you need

You don’t need to build the entire system. Because it is a just prototype. So if I make the entire prototype, that means it loses the inherent benefits of rapid iteration.

8.Ruduce risk

As I mentioned eight principles above, we practiced prototyping and then we did presentation.


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