Prototyping – Day1

Today is a new day of prototyping module.

Before starting the class, I tried to figure out what prototype really is. As I know for prototyping, it is intermediate process for the final production.

Today’s class was divided into two. First one was the “What is Prototype?” lecture by Fraser and the second was simple activities to help us understand it.


Three minutes to interview

This task was to find interesting information from my partner within three minutes’ interview. (Angela was my partner, she likes playing hockey, she has a brother and a sister and she is planning to move house from Edinburgh to Dundee.)

The following was also drawing a partner in a short period of time. (Drawing even the outline was difficult because the time was too short. I could just see people on drawing paper but wasn’t able to distinguish who is who from my drawing.)

Final task was to make an object to describe me with clay as fast as possible I can. ( As an object to describe me, I made a question mark with clay.


Question Mark

It has several meaning.

First, Defining myself with one object is not easy. I don’t know who I am, what kind of person I am, what will I be like in the future…I’m changing all the moment. There is some points what or who I want to be. And I’m doing my best now forward it.

 Second, As a design student, I think I need an attitude to make a question for everything, everyone and even for myself. Why? What? How? Question is one of the most important methods to get a good design.

 Third, What? Is the frequent feeling that is occupying my head and mind. Since I arrived here, whenever I listened to English conversation, TV, lecture, I have had BIG “?”. Because I was not sure what they were talking. I feel so stuffy because it’s hard to get an answer.


 Today, our activities were all about delivering information quickly.  I thought the key point through these activities were

1. not only speaking is the way to communicate. We can use sketch, miniature, building, everything to show what I want to say. Prototyping enables mutual communication without speaking.

 2. Thereby, we can get feedback.

3. Prototyping is not the final result. It can be complemented anytime. So, the sooner I get feedback from prototyping, the sooner I get a chance to modify my work. And it makes my work done fast and perfect.

 Finally, we thought about three contemporary perspectives with each groups.

My theme was a prototyping for research capacity – generating questions. I discussed with Angela what this means. Prototyping can come from much research. Through research and design, the prototype can be evaluated. And through this, I felt I was capable of forming communication each other by asking questions. Prototyping is not the perfect result. I can make mistakes. So I can get questions from others and also get feedbacks.


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