Mindful design practice – Visualise 50 ideas


Visualise 50 ideas

This challenge is to draw 50 ideas whether it is good or not. This work was hard than i thought. Even worse ideas, thinking 50 ideas was really difficult. So I had a lot of times to discuss with my friends.  We did not have the rejection of bad ideas, but rather seemed to feel freer. I realized that if I exclude bad ideas I can not think big thought. It was hard work, but expressing my thought on my hands is happy. Rough idea is as follows.

Door to door service for patients, Dancing club for patients, Grandchildren make the jewellery, Bibs for stoma patients, Megaphone, Automatic reader, Sponge jewellery to protect airway from dry, Stoma jewellery, Smile service, bow tie jewellery, body painting service, bluetooth jewellery, bluetooth servox, social group on the internet, marathon, give a confidence, stoma packaging, community for patients, exercise community, smoking ban, digital electronic display, whistle for stoma patients, big band aid, bracelet, plants jewellery on sponge cover, hose for stoma to have a shower, sticker jewellery, tatto around stoma, yoga club, message tree for hope, beard to hide the stoma, piercing, fixed board for smoking, scarfs, animals for patients, snorkel for stoma patients, singing community, stoma beauty shop, sign language, recording voice jewellery, dust or smoke alarm, hard cover to do exercise, meditation, small pocket book, speech contest, knitting jewellery, drinking, stoma cloth – graphic image to go with the hole.






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