Mindful design practice – personas and scenarios

I did role play with Dan and Steph about my project. I explained my project to them and then we choose stakeholder to do role play. I suggested 3 stakeholders like patients with stoma, doctor, and patient’s spouse for my project of stoma jewellery. We suggested all kinds of issues as a role player. And we put all idea on paper like what is it’s values to them? What do they do differently? And then I choose one idea for product/service. In my case for stoma jewellery, I suggested an idea that if there is blue tooth stoma jewellery with voice recording function for patients, it will be really useful when they have emergency situation. For example, if some tiny things go into their stoma, they might be in trouble. They are also hard to speak, so the blue tooth jewellery can help them instantly to connect with doctor and their husband and wife. Sometime patients can use voice recording when they want to speak a simple phrase.

I think I had good time with Dan and Steph. We share our idea and explain our opinion. It was really helpful to me, today.



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