Mindful design practice – terms about laryngectomy

I would like to explain some terms about laryngectomy. Because today, when I put my ppt on the board. International students looked like they didn’t understand the terms.

Larynx is a part of body that everyone has on their neck. It includes voicebox, airway, food way.

If someone got cancer on larynx, that is laryngeal cancer, and if it’s serious, they have to get a surgery.

This surgery is laryngectomy.

Laryngectomy is removal of larynx and separation of the airway from mouth, nose. They will get a hole on their neck. It means they can’t breathe with their nose and mouth-then, how can they breathe? Yes, with the hole on the neck. they can’t smell, they can’t use their voice box. Person who got the laryngectomy is laryngectomee.


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