Interview with Dr. Mary Wells.

Today, I had an interview with Dr. Mary Wells at half pass two. She was really kind and she gave me a warm welcome with big smile. I asked some questions to her about laryngeal cancer. She said that the cancer is caused by smoking, alcohol and HPV virus. The proportion of male is much higher than female, almost 10:2. So I was confused whether I will have to make stoma jewellery for male or for female. But I decided to make a stoma jewellery for women. Because I guess female patients require stoma jewelly acutely.(Generally women are more sensitive about their apperance and interested in accessory than men.)

The cover is very important for these patients because the cover takes an prominent part in protecting bronchial tubes from dust and also in helping their bronchial tubes not to dry. They need a cover every day even though they are sleeping. I thought that if the stoma jewellery is big or heavy it will be very difficult to wear all the time and also it can make a scratch to patient’s body.

Patients who had laryngeal surgery have to use the hole on their neck to breathe, so their nose loose its function. They end up in loosing their smelling sense. I dare can’t imagine how they are suffering from the cancer, but I heard many of them don’t hide their disease and live their life dominantly and cheerfully.

After interview, I realized that the patients are in many big and small troubles. And if my project can help just some of the patients, I’ll do my best.


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