How to attract parents and children to library?

How to encourage parents and children get involved into library service?

To make parents and children take part in library service

  1. Target Parents

Emphasize the importance of reading books in childhood.

Reading Books in Childhood is really important. It could affect children during the whole life. When they read a book, they imagine it and they feel like they are in a part of the book. It develops children’s imaginational ability and they can learn many things like vocabulary, logic, science. And some books can help them socialize.

I could find many articles that shows the connection between children and books.

Books in home is as important as parents in determining educational level

Why reading is important?

The importance or reading skill

But I can’t put articles in poster or pocket booklet. I think using diagram that shows the importance of book reading for children might be an effective way.

So, I will research some diagrams to put in the poster.

The point is reminding parents that reading books is very important to their children, so they can take their children to library.

“Research findings in applied linguistics and reading research consistently show a strong correlation between reading proficiency and academic success at all ages, from the primary school right through to university level: students who read a lot and who understand what they read usually attain good grades.” Pretorius, E. [ Source ]

Source from

2. Target children

If we can make children want to go to the library, it would be more effective.

So, making a poster and booklet map more colorful, cute, and splendidly so that it can arose children’s curiosity is important. If they are interested in library, they may pester their mom to take them to the library. And once they feel that ‘it’s funny place’, it also could help them enjoy the class.

Therefore, I would like to make the poster using primary colors, use pink and sky-blue cover for girls and boys, and add many enjoyable practical pictures of library service. These pictures may help attract them and help them understand about the service at the same time.


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