Storytellig about my project.

There are many good services in Lochee Ward, but it is really hard to be informed about these services. Even though people want to go out to get services, there are a few sign posts and they do not have enough information. So children and family are not easy to find services such as parenting, play group, children health services.

My aim is to encourage family and children to get involved in these kinds of services especially for library in Lochee Ward.

My story is below…

Subin(3years old girl) and mom walking around the park found a poster about parents and children service.

The target of this service is not someone who is eager to go to library and look for information about library but someone who has no idea where the libraries are and what services the libraries have. So parents and children can just walk around the town, park and find information about library by chance.

Mom tears one booklet off from the poster.

This service map is composed with big poster upside and small booklets downside.

Big poster includes colourful picture to catch parents’ and kid’s attention, and also includes a graph to explain to parents how much reading books in childhood with parents affects children in cognitive and emotional development.

Pocket booklets are small and fancy so that children want to take one. And they are easy to tear off. When parents or kids open the booklet, they will see that library near their house has many interesting activity services. It also has information about the location of library, service hour, how to get there etc.

They can get variety of information through the booklet, for example when and where the service open and what service they can get and so on.

And there are photos to attract them. (Kids and teacher are laughing and playing some game with book, card, ball…some activity pics that were taken during the library class.)

Subin wants to play so she nags mom or mom thought that book reading activity is good fo Subin, so she takes Subin to library to take part in the service. There are map and transportation information. So they can drive or take a bus. They might have called the library to book or get more information. The booklet helps them understand the service.

Subin or mom and Subin together take part in the class. They enjoy the class.

Mom hand the booklet to Lewis’ mom (neighbor 4 year-old boy) to introduce and recommend the class.

When I had interview with moms in Dundee, they mostly said when they want to find children service, they ask to other mom near them. They tend to dependent upon their mom friends’ recommendation if the friends have experience in the service. So this booklets might be a good tool of sharing information each other and explaining the service while they recommend the service. (of course, if they feel the service is good.^^) Because it includes all detailed information and is very small size to take, deliver and show others.


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