Presentation Feedback

.We made a video including whole story. But after doing presentation, we got a feedback

1) Our presentation was too long by including unnecessary detail information.

2) Do not need all services and map from Google.

3) Not correct photo of service centre.

4) Just make a simple map for children

5) Check a green map in New York

6) Do not need to explain other all service.

For feedback 1, 2, 6 – We have to narrow the area of service. Of course we decided to make a map of library, but we put all the services in the map because we thought that might be helpful. But putting all information for all service is not easy, and even not effective way to encourage family to take part in the service. Because there are too many services and if we put all service centers into the map, it will make our map confusing. And the aim of our project is to make a map that attracts family into the service. Therefore just putting all information is not a good way to attract them. So we decided to focus on Only Library service.

For feedback 3, we need to go to Lochee Ward to check the location of service centers and take a photo of them.

For feedback 4, we forgot that the target of this service is parents and children aged 0-5 years old. Google map is extremely inappropriate for these children. So what if we use some familiar places for children like toy store, children clothes shop, or supermarket near the library? And we need to put some cute graphic images for parents and children. These images may interest them.

For feedback 5, we need to research some more good examples of effective map on internet.


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