Pocket Booklet with Poster

Our project’s aim is to make a visual to help children and family find a service more easily. We suggested if there is a poster of children service on the wall, people can look at the poster while they are walking on the load. And then, they would check some service what they want. The poster includes the detail pocket booklet of each service which can be picked from a poster. For example people want to get information of library, they can pick pocket booklet of library service from the poster. This is very small so they can keep the pocket booklet everyday whenever they want to look at. There is all information like how to go to library, opening hour, service and so on. So the pocket booklet can encourage and help family and children to get a children service.

Then where should this poster be put?

Parents don’t know where to get the information of service if they don’t know there is certain service. If they don’t know the existence of service, how could they get information?

So this poster has to be put up somewhere parents and kids can approach easily.

Like near the park, toy store, school or nursery, hospital… Parents and children just walk around of go shopping and they find this poster by chance and they can get information.

Parents share information of children education, care etc. each other.

And this booklet could be a good tool of explaining and recommending information to other parents.

If we put this poster and booklet in library so that everyone can take the pocket booklet, parents who are taking the library service already can hand this booklet in to other parents to explain and recommend this service.


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