Research –Where or how do you get information about children service?

Luckily, my wife has Scottish ladies get-together in my house. Except two (including my wife), they have child aged 0-7 years old. They mostly got married to English men and have lived here for a long time (average 8 years).

I thought I could get some ideas from their experiences and opinions.

They all go to the hospital when kids are sick or to get regular check.

Over 3 years old children go to nursery.

Most of their kids are taking some private classes like music, art or dancing class.

They know some services (free or with fee), but they don’t consider that much for with fee service if there is not recommendation from neighbor mom.

They search information on internet site (like,,

But the most information that they rely on is the one from their neighbor moms. They are strongly affected by other mom’s recommendation.

I think I can use this fact to make an effective sign post. What if we put up the sigh post in service center or somewhere moms and easily approach, and the sign post has small papers with service information that moms can easily tear off for explaining and handing in to friends?


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