Taylor Haig project – our questions

We chose the project of mapping children service.

Before doing that project, we made some questions for Taylor Haig

  1. What kinds of service provision are there in Lochee Ward for children and family now?
  2. If children and family in Lochee Ward want to get that service how can they get information for that service (web site, map, sign post, news, magazine, ect) ? if there are any resources of that information, can I get some examples? ( ex. web site address, image of sign post, articles in newspaper or magazine)

Especially, we are focusing on mapping children service. Please give us as many as examples of sign post. Where are they posted? What kind of information do they have? How often do you change the sign post?

  1. I wonder if there are some data of observation or interview made by government or some other organization before. For example, food, education, communication, exercise, parenting, health and something else. If you have some other information, can you give us a suggestion? And if you do not have, where can we get by ourselves and give us some links.

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