Street Research – Do you know what services for children are there in Dundee?

 I was curious how much parents are informed about children service. So I did some street research in Dundee.

I should have researched this in Lochee Ward, but I didn’t have much time and furthermore it is Easter Holiday, so I did research for people who lived in Dundee with their children between 3~6 ages.

I asked some questions to parents who are with their child randomly. (5 moms)

They all knew about Nursary service and Hospitality service. They all knew where the nursary and hospital are (of course) and what those services provide for children.

4 mom knew that there are book reading class and rhyme time in library. But just 1 mom answered that she keeps taking the class regularly.

For the reasons why they don’t stick to taking that class were – because they don’t think it’s useful, they tried several times but their kids were not interested in, they are lazy etc.

Of course, 5 people are not enough for finding problem and finding way to improve, but it can be helpful.


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