Sleeping data

Our one of main focus was how people’s posture can be changed before going to bed and after waking up. But we thought that food might affect people’s sleeping time. If they ate spicy food, it would be difficult to fall asleep soon. That means eating soft food like vegetable makes sleeping time longer.

We also analyzed the connection between sleeping and weather. Does the weather helps or disturbs people’s sleeping? If the weather is bad, then people can’t get a good deep sleep?

After presentation, we got a feedback from Prof. Hazel and other students. I realized that this practice was to aim at showing a diagram which others could understand data more easily with at a glance.


I found our problems of diagram.

1)     This diagram has too many details.

2)     The visual of data is too small so it would be hard to understand when people looke at our data.

3)     We put unnecessary and extra visual.



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