Stoma Jewellery

Stoma Jewellery

Patients with laryngeal cancer may have to have their voice boxes removed and as a result have a “hole” in their throat (called a laryngectomy stoma).  It is important that dirt, liquids and dust do not enter the stoma and that the new “airway” is kept reasonably moist (as the new airway does the job of the nose and mouth in moistening and “cleaning” the air that enters the lungs on its way down, and preventing liquid from going down the wrong way).  The NHS supplies “bibs” for laryngectomy patients to wear over their stoma, and most people are encouraged to wear a stoma button (see picture of Maggie on attached link) over their stoma. You can purchase coloured bibs and many people wear scarves or cravates to cover their stoma.  However, in the summer, these are hot.  Some jewellers (mostly in the US) have created necklaces that can cover the stoma (see links below), but there is definitely room for more interesting, usable and inexpensive stoma “covers”. Mary Wells PhD, RGN, Senior Lecturer in Cancer Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee


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