People & Design module – Day 4

Social Aptitude : Conversations with real people.

Today, we had a lecture of conversations with real people with professor Colin Burns. He explained himself that worked small and big company. He also mentioned that design has been getting changed massively. He is interest in how design or design method can be used widely.

The first question was what designer do.

Eg. Explore, create, process, engage, meet user needs, problem identify.

Key point.

1.Having a way of looking

2.Make stuff visible and tangible

3.Try stuff out in simple ways

What about making thing looking good?

That is leading an innovation and creating culture like pyramid.

  1. Innovation = the exploitation of ideas to creative value
  2. Design = a practical method to manage ideas
  3. Invention = the making of ideas
  4. Creativity = lateral non-reductive thought processes
  5. Play fullness = a behavior that encourage creativity

After lunch, we ate yogurt to observe people’s behavior and to find problem. One of interest thing we found that we need a spoon to eat yogurt. It also has a problem of shape of box. So we had a brainstorming with post-it on the white board. After that, we tried to solve the problem making products within 15min and presentation.


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