People & Design module – Day 1

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

This semester we will study people and design module. I visited Scottish Outdoor Education Centres(SOEC) to learn outdoor experiential learning programs. Supervisor Fraser Bruce gave me some information that this area is one of the SOCE in UK and 20,000 children, young people and adults per annum at four sites across Scotland. Before going there, I didn’t know why I should visit Scottish Outdoor Education Centres. But when I got there I could understand why I need it. I had the class of introduction for our task and practice with some object like post-it, camera, bottle of water, a pen and so on in order to think big as a designer. My object was post-it which is just blanked new one. I thought that this post-it can be important memo and planning chart always taking it every time. I also tried to develop the post-it like if it is transparent paper to overlap words. We finally shared each idea from these object. In afternoon, Fiona who is one of the Phd explained case study of SOEC about outdoor education and how SOEC supports these. After the presentation, we participated in activity taster. By doing this activity, I realize that cooperation is how important to each other. And most of activity could be carried out all together.


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