Individual Research Day – My Plan and Observation


To meet friends, To spend time with family

To spend time eating and drinking with family.

Old person who was alone enjoyed themselves drinking coffee.


Someone used a laptop having a breakfast in the morning.

Relax and talking place.

 How long?

Old people didn’t spend lots of time (20~30min)


Most of people together, chatting each other.

There were just some people thanking, reading a book.


Among 14 people, male were just 4

Most of all were female.

Half of them were old people.


There were many family with baby.


Laugh and smile

Some talked seriously

Kids were exciting with family

 What they do

Just eating together

Some children draw something on paper.

Alone people seemed to think about something.

They were just drinking and eating some food looking around something.

 How to share

Talking, eating together.


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